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All Apollo Shepherd puppies are AKC registered and include our total health guarantee

We reserve the right to refuse anyone we feel would not be a good fit for German Shepherd ownership

Sire - Apollo's Gilligan

Dam - Daisy Chandler II

Apollo's Gilligan - White German Shepherd

Gilligan is energetic, extremely intelligent and confident.  He is very social and gentle out on leash while being extremely protective on the property.  He is Bright White, Plush Coat,  has "GOOD" pigment, good hips and excellent overall body structure.

Gilligan was pick of litter - He had the best temperament of 21 puppies, 2 combined litters

Pigment refers to the blackness of the nose, nails and skin.  Its more obvious when looking at the ears, Gilligan has a pink undertone to his ears while Bunny, Sugar & Daisy have very dark undertones.

Daisy (sitting up) is sweet, alert and is the BEST watchdog.  Also very loving, she is the tallest of the girls,  while being the smartest of all the girls.  White with a plush soft coat, she has "EXCELLENT" pigment, good hips and excellent overall body structure

Daisy was pick of her litter, she was the most confident and playful of 11 puppies

So Sorry, to ensure the health & well being of our puppies,  we do not ship puppies

We recommend flying into SFO or SJC for out of town new owners.  Puppies are small enough to fly in the cabin with you

For new owners driving, we are located 15 minutes from UCSC

Gilligan - Championship lineage - California

Sire - Apollo's Gilligan

Dam - Sugar Dolce

 Sugar Dolce - Championship lineage from California      

Sugar is the smallest of the ladies but all energy & by far the fastest.  She is the best choice for joggers, hiking,  search and rescue, police work & agility competitions. She is very loving, Bright White, light Soft Coat, has EXCELLENT pigment, good hips and excellent overall body structure

Sugar was the smallest and most feisty of her litter

Sire - Apollo's Gilligan

Apollo's Gilligan - White German Shepherd

Dam - Bunny Fitzgerald

Malibu Gilligan & Bunny Fitzgerald due April 2018

Malibu Gilligan & Sugar Dolce due April 2018

♦ Both Bunny & Sugar did not carry to term.  All deposits will be refunded by June 20th, 2018
Apollo's Gilligan - White German Shepherd

Gilligan - Championship lineage from California

Gilligan - Championship lineage from California

Full - all spoken for

Full - all spoken for


So sorry - No puppies planned until 2019

DUE to high costs for fertility diagnostics 

Deposits will be now be returned by Sept 1st

Rest assured all deposits will be returned

Daisy Chandler II - Championship lineage - East Coast USA   


Your AKC Pedigree, AKC Lineage chart, Photos of Sire & Dam, Puppy Contract, Vetinarian health certificate, care and feeding instructions and plenty of new puppy comfort items

ALL PUPPIES are vaccinated, wormed, and include our written health, genetics and hip guarantee

Apollo White German Shepherds, Apollo Shepherds

 Bunny Fitzgerald- Championship lineage from New England   

Bunny is thoughtful and very loving.  She is also a great watchdog while being the one to compete in conformity competitions. She is Bright White, Smooth Coat, has "EXCELLENT" pigment, good hips and excellent overall body structure

Bunny was the pick of litter, she had the smoothest coat of 9 puppies

Gilligan Dec 2017