German Shepherd puppies for sale California
Apollo shepherds, AKC white German shepherd puppies


  • Our AKC breeding and training ranch is nestled in the pristine Redwood Forests of the Santa Cruz Mountains, California
  • Located on almost an acre, our remote mountain location provides the perfect environment for breeding our premium White German Shepherd Champion puppies
  • Our clean mountain air along with our mineral rich water promotes strong bones and great overall health

We Specialize in short, smooth & plush coat White German Shepherd puppies

We have been raising White German Shepherds in California for nearly 20 years

I fell in love with the breed long ago, while watching Jack Lalanne's show with my grandmother 

Each episode Jack would perform exercise routines with his White German Shepherd, Happy

We started breeding White German Shepherds 
                                       to preserve the beauty & quality of pure White German Shepherd dogs

Apollo & his best friend Nikita Nov 2003

   Puppy Apollo  -   May 1999     

 Gilligan at 3 yrs old March 2016

                  Gilligan LOVES boating & swimming                 

 Gilligan is a great deck hand, he loves the 3 hour tour    ♥

As long time dog owners we understand the importance of owning and supporting rescue dogs as well as pure breed dogs.  In addition to our German Shepherds we own 2 rescue dogs who were slated to be "put down" over 12 years ago.  

We also accomodate rescue dogs as a free service to AFRP of Monterey County  

As dog lovers, we want to preserve the elegance and unique traits of Pure Bred German Shepherd dogs.  German Shepherds provide an invaluable service to law enforcement as K-9 units, bomb detecting dogs, and are preferred by search and rescue.  

German Shepherds have the perfect combination of intelligence, strength and superior scent detection due to their long snout size.  Without continued breed support from the public, this beautiful breed will be lost.